CITNPP’s department refers to the base departments of  Heat Power Engineering faculty of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU “KPI”).

The history of the department is closely connected with the history of Kiev Polytechnic Institute, founded in 1898. Institute in those years included four departments: mechanical, chemical and agricultural engineering, which were renamed to facultys in 1917-1918. Training heating engineers from 1898 to 1931 was carried out on a mechanical faculty at the Department of Applied Mechanics, which from 1898 to 1909 headed the professor A. RADTSIG  – well-known scientist and one of the founders of scientific school of heat engineering.

Training in thermal power plants contributed to the construction in the KPI experimental plant equipped with three steam boilers and steam engine producing 250 hp. On the basis of power station were organized two laboratories. All this became the basis for the educational process and scientific research in the field of heat engineering.

In 1931-1934 in the KPI was organized Thermotechnical faculty and overall power system department, dean and head. was appointed Professor I. Shvets. The department created two laboratories: “thermo measurements and automatic equipment” and “steam engine” (laboratory was equipped with a steam engine Herlyts training type and steam turbine BBC – 260 kW, 35 atm., 360 oC, used for obtaining electricity for the needs of the institute).

At different times the department was headed by prof. I. Shvets (1931- 1934 years.), prof. M. Kontakion (1934-1938 years, 1945-1971 years), prof. B. Taranov (1941-1944 years), assistant professor Yu. Babenko (1971-1979 years), prof. O. Ilchenko (1979-1996 years), prof. L. Kesova (1996-2005 years), prof. N. Fialko  (2005-2012 years), assistant professor A. Borisenko (2012-2014 years). Since 2014 acting head of the department is O. Chernousenko – doctor of technical sciences, professor.