Name of the school
Physics of Combustion Processes, Increase of Energy Efficiency and Resource Conservation of Energy Objects and Systems.
The main scientific directions of the scientific school of the department of CITNPPIgor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
1. Physics of combustion processes and increase of energy-and-energy efficiency of energy objects and systems.
Science manager – Ph.D., Assoc. L. Butovsky.
2. Efficient technologies, processes and systems for piling on boiler burners.
Science manager – Dr. Sci., Prof. L. Kesova.
3. Resource of power equipment and elaboration of lifespans.
Science manager – Dr. Sci., Prof. O. Chernousenko.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. O. Chernousenko – head of the school at present.
Such scientific research has been carried out
– Is elaborated the complex system of estimation of the residual resource and prolongation of the operation of steam turbines of high capacity, which allows extending the life of steam turbines with the capacity of 200 – 800 MW to 350 thousand h.
– Solved heat problem with the problem of boundary conditions of heat transfer (Solid Works Simulation) and the task of calculating the gas dynamics of the gas mixture with the subsequent calculation of the heat, stress-strain state of the metal of the power boiler (ANSYS Fluent and Solid Works Simulation).
– Is developed a methodical approach to the calculation of damages and the residual resource of high-temperature elements of power equipment due to local non-uniformity of temperatures, and proposals are made regarding ways of extending the life of such elements:

1) Developed the method of estimating the residual resource from low cycle fatigue, static damage and multi-cycle fatigue due to torsional oscillations, taking into account constructive and repair and restoration changes of high-temperature elements of power equipment and experimental studies of metal rotor steel 25Х1М1ФА and casing steel 15Х2НМФА.
2) Developed a system of dry slag removal with the use of ash as a man-made raw material for construction with the use of technology for the issuance of ash with high concentration in the stream of waste gases (patented).
3) Developed system for pumping dust between hoppers with a high concentration of flow has been developed, which allows to improve the stability of the pseudo-liquefaction process in aeration piles and to save fuel in emergency situations on the block.
4) Developed the system of automatic control of the furnace processes of boilers with the supply of high pressure concentrations of coal dust to the burner with the activation of the currents of the burners for optimal gas speed ratio.
– Is developed the method of mathematical modeling and experimental research of combustion processes in stabilizer burners;
1) was created a mathematical model of the gas-dynamic structure of the flow of gas flow in stabilizer burners.
2) The data on the influence of regime and constructive factors – the coefficient of excess air, the width of the stabilizer, the coefficient of shading of the flow on the formation of the temperature field.
3) Are developed modular microfacial burner devices of the stabilizer type with the combined supply of combustion components.
4) Was carried out a complex of experimental and calculation researches of the working process in stabilizer burner devices and determination of their energy-and-energy indicators.
5) Formulated recommendations on the choice of structural parameters of burners with stable high-performance intensive microfacial combustion.