Training of specialist

Department of heat power installations of thermal and nuclear power stations provides training for the qualification of specialist in “Energy and power engineering” in the training direction  “Heat and Power Engineering” specialty “Thermal power plants” – 7.05060103.

Specialist educational qualification of specialist receives educational level “Higher Education”, acquires profound special skills and knowledge are designed for research and development and innovation, pedagogical and administrative capacity to use and produce new knowledge for solving of professional problems in the field of energy .

Training of professional, scientific, social and humanitarian components. The professional component provides design and engineering competence in “Thermal power plants”. Science component provides a more profound holistic vision of professional activity, solidity and breadth of education, maximum proximity to its current level of scientific knowledge in energy, competence formation of independent scientific research and new knowledge.

Socio-humanitarian component enables specialist to understand the nature and characteristics of the philosophical problems of scientific knowledge, the basic methodological principles of scientific work, the foundations of higher education.